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Governor Hunt House

Festival of Trees 2023


Tree decorating guidelines


The decoration of your tree is completely up to you, subject to these guidelines. We encourage you to choose a decoration theme that relates to your business or organization, or to use decorations that are artistically coordinated. 


Of course, you are welcome to decorate the tree in any way you wish! The possibilities are endless!


We ask that you observe the following guidelines:


  • Trees (as well as gifts) may be delivered and decorated in place anytime between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 27 through Thursday, Nov. 30, or Thursday evening, Nov. 30 from 6 to 8 p.m. 

  • All trees must be artificial. Please limit tree height to 7.5 feet, unless special arrangements are made.

  • Each sponsor will have an allotment of about 4 feet by 4 feet for their tree, plus additional space as needed for the display of their festival gifts.

  • For safety, all decorations should be securely attached to your tree

  • All lights must be LED, and must be UL approved and installed in accordance with package safety instructions.

  • The GHH will supply electricity to your tree. Any battery-operated displays will not be maintained by the GHH.

  • Trees should be decorated in such a way as to facilitate deconstruction and removal by the person who wins it in the raffle.

  • Please avoid any loose sand, glitter, tinsel, confetti or other materials that can be tracked through our building.

  • Please do not decorate with any plant materials or anything edible, including dried vines, hay, seed pods, nuts, candy (even wrapped), cookies, donuts, popcorn, cranberries or fruit. We prefer not to attract unwanted visitors!

  • No sound accompaniments of any kind, please!

  • The GHH will provide monitors throughout the display to ensure the safety and security of trees and gift displays. 

  • The Festival of Trees is an inclusive celebration for ALL. While we welcome displays with common religious symbols, we ask that you avoid religious proselytizing in your display. As well, there should be no political statements or symbols. 

  • If you have questions about anything, please contact Shelli Harvey, Events Coordinator, at

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